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Cambodia holidays


To enter in the new year the Cambodian holidays which celebrate the new Khmer year owed three days and dates are fixed every year by trusting the old horoscope.


Has victory on the "Khmer Rouges" is celebrated in the Cambodia on January 7th of every year in commemoration of the defeat of the genocidal regime of Pol Pot by the Vietnamese army in 1979. In 1975, the Americans at war against Vietnam also bombard the Cambodia, nearby.


Called locally Tet it is celebrated every year in January or February following a luni-solar calendar. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in the Cambodia by the Chinese and Vietnamese communities. The St Valentine's Day or the party of the lovers is a party celebrated on February 14th in several countries, it is the occasion for the couples to be exchanged presents, words soft and red pink symbols of the passion and Valentin.


The International Women's Day is the international celebration for women rights all over the world. it is celebrated on March 8th of every year. The new Buddhist year, locally conscript Chaul Chhnam Khmer, is celebrated in the Cambodia by April 14th, 15th and 16th following the moon. Called also Festival of Waters, in l ? Opportunity of the new Buddhist year, Cambodians go out in streets and splash of water during several days.


The Labor Day is an international day celebrated in diverse country and which has for objective of the claiming and demonstrations organized by labor movements. I) is commemorated on May first of every year by legal holiday in certain countries.

The Mother's Day is an international celebration in numerous countries dedicated to honor and to pay tribute to the mothers of the whole world.

The party of Sacred Furrow, or Chrat Preah Nongkâl, is celebrated every year the fourth day by the decreasing moon of may. Inaugurating the beginning of rainy season, the opening of the season of the plowings is made by king, or his representative.

Buddha's illumination, or Visaka Bochea in Cambodian, is celebrated in the Cambodia on May 15th of every year. The illumination is the anniversary of the day when Buddha demonstrated fulfillment of illumination in 589 av J-C


The anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen is celebrated in the Cambodia on June 18th of every year. People are unemployed and the businesses are closed. The international party of the music is an annual world celebration celebrated in several countries June 21st aiming at honoring the musical art and at presenting and at creating the international exchange of the musical culture between the various countries.


The All Souls' Day, either Pchoum Ben, is celebrated in the middle of September during the full moon in homage to the ancestors, or Phchoum Ben there. The All Souls' Day is rocked by the singing song of the bonzes filling the moment of solemnity. The day of the constitution and the crowning of king is celebrated in the Cambodia on September 24th of every year in commemoration of the promulgation of the text of the constitution of the kingdom of the Cambodia September 24th, 1993 marking the return in the peace a country mined by a civil war.


The celebration of the " Agreements of Paris " takes place in the Cambodia on October 23rd of every year in commemoration of the signature in 1991 of the " Agreements of Paris " which returned his sovereignty to the Cambodia. The anniversary of His Majesty the King is celebrated in the Cambodia every year from October 30th till November 1st in commemoration of the birth of king Sihamoni Norodom, king of the Cambodia, been born on 1922.


The party of waters, called locally Good Om Teuk, is celebrated in the Cambodia every year in November during three days which precedent the full moon of November. The Independence Day, the national holiday of the Cambodia is celebrated every year on November 9th in commemoration of the declaration of independence, on November 9th, 1949.


Christmas is an annual official Christian celebration celebrated by the Christian countries to celebrate Jesus de Nazareth's birth, nativity of Jesus Christ. The celebration of Christmas became a profane common ceremony. The end of year is an international party celebrated by the whole world at the end of every year. This event is celebrated the evening of December 31st to receive (the first day of new year.

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